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Zlob Removal Tool 1.0

Zlob Removal Tool 1.0: Remove Zlob trojan infection (also known as Trojan.Zlob) in minutes! Remove Zlob trojan infection (also known as Trojan.Zlob) - fake video codec and remove pop-ups appearing everywhere in a click with this automated Zlob Removal Tool. The program cures all known modifications of Zlob trojan and fixes associated performance issues and removes rogue antispyware that goes bundled with trojan. Other antiviruses delete the trojan onl, leaving lots of problems caused by it like when you can`t access internet etc.

Tetravex II Puzzle Solver 1.0.0: Use Tetravex II to solve Eternity II puzzle and win $2 million cash!!
Tetravex II Puzzle Solver 1.0.0

Tetravex II is a puzzle software specifically designed to solve the popular Eternity II TM puzzle. It can also be used to solve almost any other 16x16 edge matching puzzles. If you can solve Eternity II TM puzzle and be the first person on the planet who submitted the puzzle answer with the highest score, you will get $2 million!! Other than its lots of useful features, Tetravex II puzzle solver has a unique and fast solver algorithm built-in.

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Captcha Breaker 2.63: Captcha Breaker captcha solver software
Captcha Breaker 2.63

solver. That`s it, you are now ready to start your submissions and solve captchas on autopilot. Captcha Breaker`s captcha solvers algorithms are so advanced that depending on the level of difficulty of the captchas you routenily need to solve, it is likely that the software will automatically solve all your captchas on the spot. The program employs multiple OCR (Optical Character Recognition) techniques plus its own self-made algorithms to solve

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Sudoku Champion 1.1: Sudoku champion generates Sudoku puzzles for you to solve on your computer
Sudoku Champion 1.1

Sudoku champion is a Sudoku generator, helper and solver. It can generate puzzles for you to solve, or it can solve puzzles that you have trouble solving. There are different types of hints available to help you solve a Sudoku. You can also save, load and print Sudokus.


WareSoft Sudoku 1.0: Challenge Your Brain with WareSoft Sudoku
WareSoft Sudoku 1.0

Challenge Your Brain with WareSoft Sudoku. See how fast you can solve a puzzle. Each puzzle has 9 3x3 grids to solve. Sudoku does not require any special math skills or calculations. It is a simple and fun game of logic. All that you need is your brains and concentration. To solve Sudoku you must enter numbers 1-9 in each row without repeating any numbers and not repeat any numbers in a 3x3 grid either.

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Puzzle Mania Pro 2: Puzzle Game with Human intelligence
Puzzle Mania Pro 2

The old brain teaser is back with a new twist. This encorporates AI technology to provide hints or may even solve the puzzle before your eyes. In essence training the user to understand the logic by which they can solve. New Capability to Scramble any picture you may have to Solve!

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Sudoku 4.7: A humanistic Sudoku solver that explains the logic required to solve the puzzle.
Sudoku 4.7

A humanistic Sudoku solver that explains the logic required to solve the puzzle. It will easily create and quickly solve Sudoku puzzles. It can act as a solving assistant, removing the tedium and error-prone maintaining the pencil marks, while leaving the fun of spotting the logic and patterns.

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